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How to Convert your attic in north London

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    If you’re thinking of a cost-effective way to improve your home or perhaps acquire extra space to accommodate your loved ones, then converting your attic in North London is one of the viable solutions you can opt for. There are several loft extension types that you can settle for depending on the type of property you have. These are:

    • Velux loft extension
    • Mansard conversion
    • Hip to gable loft
    • Dormer conversion

    There being many options to choose from, a reliable and experienced builder is one of the essential things you’ll need. By working with a qualified local loft specialist in North London, you can quickly transform your dreams into reality. Here is how you can convert your attic in North London.

    Ensure that your property is eligible for a conversion

    There are several requirements that your property needs to adhere to for it to qualify for a loft conversion. This includes the following:

    • A minimum ceiling height of at least 2m
    • You will need building regulations approval.
    • Ensure there’s easy access to the attic conversion(adequate space for stairs placement and a safe exit point)
    • Establish whether the project falls under permitted development 

    Establish a reasonable budget for your project

    Having a reasonable budget is one way to ensure your North London conversion project runs smoothly. Getting quotes from different contractors is one way to get to make the right decision. You’ll also be able to avoid any unnecessary costs that may arise while your project is underway.

    With different quotes, you’ll be able to get an accurate estimate of what you’re likely to spend throughout the project. You’ll also avoid being scammed by cowboy builders concerning the conversion cost. 

    Hire a qualified builder

    Working with an experienced builder is one way to ensure that you achieve satisfactory results for your North London attic conversion. With the construction industry continuing to grow, it’s advisable to be careful when choosing a suitable builder.

    Some of the things you should check include the experience level, any certifications, previous client reviews, previously handled projects, and project portfolio, among other things. Also can they assist you with various design ideas that is suitable for your attic. Looking at this these will help you choose the most suitable contractor for your project. 

    woodstock avenue
    en-suite bedroom

    Establish whether your project falls under permitted development

    Most of the attic extension projects in North London brought fall under permitted development. For those that do not, you can always acquire planning permission or party wall agreement where needed. 

    To be sure of the category where your property falls, you should check with the local authorities. It is also advisable to ensure that your builder adheres to the building regulations and any other legal requirements. 

    Choose a suitable design for your property.

    From Victorian, Georgia, terraced, to semi-terraced homes, you will find different North London property styles. That said, it is essential to note that not all types of attic conversions are suitable for the different property styles you’ll find. 

    For instance, you cannot have a hip to gable attic conversion if your house has no sloping roof. Your builder should be able to advise you accordingly on which choice is most suited for your home. Your interior design is the other thing that you shouldn’t compromise on as it reflects on your personality and the room’s mood.

    Highlighted above are some of the things that can help you have a seamless attic extension. Planning also comes in handy in ensuring that everything goes according to plan. With an attic conversion, you’ll have a cost-effective and ideal home improvement solution.