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5 ideas to convert your attic in North London

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    Having an attic conversion is a great way to make the most of your underutilized attic space. You also get to acquire extra space in your home without losing any garden space, thus making it ideal especially if your home in North London has limited garden space. To achieve the right design for extensions in North London, it’s necessary to have a team of reliable and qualified builders. Highlighted below are some of the ideas that you can implement in your home loft project design.

    en-suite bedroom
    Bedroom in north London with a bathroom

    1. Having an en suite extra bedroom

    If you have a big loft space available, you can decide to have an en suite bedroom. With this extra room, you can accommodate your growing family or any visiting guests. You can decide to either have a free-standing bath or a shower room depending on how much room you have available. For a shower room, you need to ensure that you have adequate room for fitting a shower. 

    To have an attic extension, you need a minimum ceiling height of up to 2m. But we cannot forget that most attics have some really awkward spaces. Therefore, you need to ensure that you work with a reliable builder and interior designer to ensure that you maximize all the available space.

    2. You can opt for a home office

    With all the diversification in most workplaces, working from home has become a new normal. Even for those who are self-employed or freelancing in various fields, having a conducive and comfortable working environment is essential. One way to achieve this is by converting your north London attic to a home office.

    With a home office, you don’t need a lot of space, so you do not have to worry if your attic space is small. With the right design, you can make it feel and seem larger and more spacious. For instance, incorporating large windows, or Velux windows is one way to make the office feel brighter because of all the natural light coming in. 

    3. Ensure your conversion has adequate lighting

    Whether artificial or natural, adequate lighting makes a room look more spacious. One way to achieve this is by ensuring that you incorporate large windows in your design. It will also allow you to significantly save energy. Expansive windows also allow for free and adequate circulation of air. 

    If the available space is limited you can accompany your large windows with a white interior to give an illusion of how spacious the room is. It’s important to note that the decor you choose is essential in determining the final outcome of your space as well as the mood. Therefore, having a qualified and experienced interior designer is crucial.

    Attic converted into playroom

    4. Convert the attic to a playroom

    Children are adorable, but at times it can be challenging to control how they do things. If you want to avoid having toys all over your living room, you can decide to make the most of your underutilized attic space by converting it to a playroom. 

    This way, it will be easier to control how your child places their toys thus avoiding the hassle of having to collect toys from every corner of the house. There’ll also be adequate space to play in. For a playroom, you won’t even need a lot of space as a simple Velux conversion can come in handy. 

    5. Ensuring there’s enough storage

    We can all agree that most attics have very unusual and weird spaces and dimensions. You can ensure that you have adequate storage space by utilizing all these nooks and crannies. Some of the ways you can ensure you make the most of your attic storage space includes the following:

    • Incorporating floating shelves. They can come in as additional storage if space is not enough.
    • You can have an inbuilt wardrobe. This will not take so much space, thus making it an ideal option.
    • Utilizing eaves for storage space is another way to maximize the available space.
    • You can also opt for a walk-in closet if you plan on utilizing your attic for storage purposes only.
    • Under the bed storage is another option that you can consider.

    There are plenty of other options that you can choose from, but all this will depend on how much room you have available. If you are working with a reliable designer, making a suitable choice should be a no-brainer. After all your north London area located property should be a dream home.

    Most importantly, you should always ensure that you have hired the right builder. After all, you wouldn’t want to compromise on the final outcome of the design. With ELoft, you get a dedicated project manager who you work closely with to ensure that everything is as you’d want. There is no compromise when it comes to customer satisfaction.