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Loft Conversions Colindale

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    Loft conversions in Colindale are a great home improvement solution if you’re looking forward to acquiring more loft space or improving the value of your property. With ELoft Conversions, you get to work with a team of highly skilled builders that have the expertise and experience needed to handle your loft project.

    You also don’t need to worry about any planning permission, party wall agreement, or compliance with the building control requirements. For all the loft conversions in Colindale, a diligent project manager is appointed to supervise the construction from start to finish. Give us a call for a free loft conversion online quote.

    How long does loft conversion take

    The loft conversion duration can take anywhere between 4-8 weeks. Considering there are several factors affecting the completion time of a single project, different projects will take different durations. Some of the factors that influence the time taken to successfully complete an attic extension includes the following:

    • Amount of work required
    • Size of the loft extension being built
    • The loft conversion company you choose to work with
    • Type of attic conversion
    • Weather conditions. Adverse weather may slow down the whole process.

    What is Mansard loft conversion

    Among some of the many house extension roof types that you can choose from, a mansard loft is one of them. The mansard loft is simply a sloping roof converted to a flat roof with the back walls sloping at 72 degrees. If you’re sharing a wall with your neighbours, you might need a party wall agreement before having the loft built.

    What are the building regulations for a loft conversion

    Whether you’re building a kitchen extension or an extra bedroom, you should ensure that everything including the loft conversion plans is adhering to the building control regulations. Some of the building regulations for a loft conversion in Area Nw9 include the following:

    • The new floor should be strong enough
    • The stability o the existing structure shouldn’t be compromised
    • There should be a fire escape
    • Safely designed staircase
    • The structure should also have reasonable insulation

    Loft conversion options


    The Velux windows loft conversion, or rooflight extension, is one of the cheapest options. This is because it requires minimal alterations to the main structure.



    It’s an extension that has horizontal ceilings and vertical walls. It’s suitable for creating extra floor space and headspace since the extension projects vertically from an existing sloping roof.


    It is an extension from a sloping roof that has a flat roof and walls slunting at 72 degrees.

    Hip to gable

    It involves a hipped roof being converted to a gable or vertical wall that replaces the sloping roof.

    How do loft conversions work

    Converting your loft will come in handy in many ways. Aside from acquiring additional space, giving your property a modern loft, you also won’t get to lose any garden space. It is also more cost-effective than purchasing a new home or moving out.

    For a quality extension design, you need to hire a highly-skilled loft conversion specialist for the job. With expert loft conversion service, you won’t have to worry about getting value for your money or working within your budget.

    About Colindale properties

    A rapidly developing property hotspot in North West of London, Colindale has quite a variety of property styles. This will range from studio apartments, duplexes, to modern townhouses. Rental properties are also a common sight in the area.

    The various transport links in the area enhance the connectivity to Central London. Some of the attractions you’ll come across include the Royal Air Force Museum. If you want to spruce up your Colindale home, you can always opt for a loft extension or even accompany it with a complete renovation for a new-home feel.