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Loft Conversion Architect in London

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    London residents choose to convert their lofts for many reasons. Converting a loft allows them to get more living space. Plus, this type of renovation adds value to a property. If you want a  reliable team of builders who have converted multiple loft conversion projects, then you need to get a quote from a loft specialist! When working with a loft conversion architect in London, property owners usually have many questions; some of them are below. However, nothing beats personal attention when you talk on the phone about your specific question. If that’s you, fill in the form below and a loft specialist will call you.

    What are the benefits of loft conversion

    Conversion of lofts has many great benefits for property owners. Now, let’s dig deeper into the main advantages of this type of building projects.

    Loft Space

    You don’t need to buy a new house and move to a new place only because you need extra space. Loft conversions give attic space that you can convert into a living area. You will deal with architects, interior designers, project managers and engineers at the design phase.

    Dormers will analyze every detail of your loft conversion carefully and do all the necessary calculations first. After that, they will be able to recommend the best option for your budget.

    Additional Rooms

    Lofts can be converted into different types of rooms. A loft conversion extension project can result in an en-suite bathroom, game room for children, home cinema, master bedroom, conversation areas, roof terrace, storage room, etc. A loft conversion architect in London will advise you on how to plan and design your construction in the best way.

    House Appearance Impacts

    Conversions add beauty to a home. Therefore, you’ll manage to improve your home’s appearance significantly if you choose to have a loft converted in your house.

    Increased Property Value

    According to the statistics, on average loft conversions increase the value of properties in London by 21 – 25%. It’s worth noting that conversions contribute to the property’s value differently. The return of investment depends on the way you choose to convert your loft. 

    Would you like to turn your loft into a bedroom? If so, you must expect that the value of your property will increase by 15%.

    Or, maybe, you are planning to convert your loft into an ensuite bathroom. With this type of house renovation, the value of properties usually increase by 5%


    Do I Need an Architect for a Loft Conversion

    It’s impossible to imagine the conversion of loft without an architect. Loft conversion architects play a very important role in the process of constructing conversions. 

    Loft conversions can be designed in many different ways. There are Mansard and Victorian styles. You can be interested in a flat roof, staircase, lot and other options. Also, it’s important to pick the right type of floor area for your conversion in London. A loft conversion architect will help you come up with loft conversion architecture and give recommendations for your building project.

    Architectural team knows planning applications and building regulations very well. With an experienced London loft conversion architect, you will find it easy to obtain planning permission.

    One of the main responsibilities of a loft conversion architect is to plan the construction. An Architectural team prepares all the necessary architect drawings for the loft conversion. A loft conversion architect will create plans for your loft project. If your building plans are approved by a council you will get planning permission and be able to get started with the development.


    How Much Does It Cost to Get a Loft Converted

    On average, it costs around £20,000 – £70,000 to convert an attic in a house in the UK. The costs of the building projects are different and they largely depend on many different factors. The size and type of construction are the two main factors that have a profound impact on the loft conversion cost.

    Of course, you must be financially prepared for a building project. So, set your budget in advance and then stick to it during the construction process.

    You must be prepared to pay approximately £1,750 per square metre to get a loft converted. For example, the cost of a terraced house is higher because you need to reach an agreement with a neighbour and pay to surveyors.

    Depending on the situation, your construction expenses may also include the following: roof lights, dormers, low energy solutions, structural engineer’s fees, quantity surveyor’s fees, loft conversion architects fees (the certain percentage of building project’s cost) and maybe, some unexpected expenses.   

    Don’t forget that you also have to pay the value-added tax. Project management expenses are also added to the bill.

    In addition to the build cost, you have to pay the architect’s fee. Plus, you have to pay for the work of an interior designer. An interior designer will analyse your preferences and building needs carefully first. After that, a specialist will create the design for your project. Then, you have to pay builders to get all the necessary construction works done.

    It’s also important to note that the location of your house affects the prices of construction works. People who live in conservation areas need to get permission. That’s why this type of projects are usually more expensive.

    Let’s wrap it up

    As you can see, there are many things that you need to take into account to get your loft converted. Keep in mind that the success of your construction project depends a lot on the proficiency of builders. That’s the reason why you must be very selective when it comes to hiring builders for your extension construction project.

    It would be best if you aimed to hire highly professional builders who know what they are doing. Give a preference to a loft conversion company with many years of experience in building different types of conversions and established a good reputation on the market.

    Cut The Architectural Fees and Save Money

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