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Does a Loft Conversion Add Value

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    Aside from being an ideal way to acquire extra space without necessarily losing any garden space, loft conversions are known to significantly enhance the value of your property. Converting your loft will cost you approximately between £25,000 to £60,000 upward. On average, an attic extension will increase your property’s value by around 20%.

    2 Velux windows in a attic space

    Many homeowners tend to prefer having extensions because they’re also a cost-effective home improvement solution. However, the affordability is dependant on several factors such as the roof extension types, amount of work to be done, and duration of the project among other factors.

    Factors influencing the value added by a loft conversion

    If you want to improve the value of your property, you don’t have to break the bank. You can always have a cheap loft conversion and achieve the same goal. The value a loft conversion adds to your property is influenced by several factors. From the location of your property to the loft conversion design you choose, these factors will have a significant impact on how much value is added. Highlighted below are some of those factors:

    Type of loft extension

    If you’re looking to make the most of your underutilised loft space, there are several loft conversion types that you can opt for. Each extension type is known to increase the value of your home by a certain percentage.

    For instance, a dormer attic conversion will add more value to your property compared to a Velux extension. You should also note that a Velux is cheaper to construct, unlike a dormer loft.

    dormer Loft Conversion of from outside with balcony
    A view to london

    Location of your property

    Where your property is located in the UK will determine how valuable it will be after having an attic extension. For instance, property values in the South is more compared to the North.

    You’ll also notice that converting your attic in the North will cost you less than what it would if your home was in the South. Therefore, a loft conversion can add more value if your property was located in the South where land is at a premium than the North.

    With London being the capital, property there is also at a premium and you are likely to add a significant value to your home with a loft conversion.

    The loft conversion design you opt for

    Most of the time, your needs dictate the design that you’ll choose for your attic extension. The different designs you can choose from for your loft space include the following:

    • A home office
    • An extra bedroom
    • An en suite bedroom
    • A walk-in closet
    • A playroom etc.

    Among these, there are those designs that are deemed to add more value compared to others. An en suite bedroom is one of them. Any potential buyer would prefer this because of the living space and the bathroom. The amount of loft conversion storage available could also attract potential buyers.

    The condition of the house

    If the house is still in good condition, you shouldn’t have to worry about its value depreciating a lot. You should ensure that you maintain your property in good condition especially if you intend to attract any potential buyers.

    You can always have a complete renovation or refurbishment of the entire house together with a conversion to give it a new home feel. If your property has a garden, you can do some landscaping maintenance too. The good thing with loft conversions is you do not lose any garden space.

    loft bedroom with office table
    converted attic to add extra value

    Loft conversion ideas that will add value to your home

    As highlighted earlier there are several loft conversion design ideas that you can choose for your house. We shall have a look at some of those design ideas and how much value they’re likely to add to your home.

    • Having a double bedroom and a bathroom can add up to more than 20% to the house value. This can be achieved if you’re having something like a dormer conversion.
    • An additional bathroom to your house can increase the value by approximately 5%. The same will happen if you decide to increase the floor area of your loft by 10%.
    • For a terraced house, an extra bedroom could improve the value of the house by 11% and 13% for a semi-detached home.

    Important things to consider when having a loft conversion

    Having a loft conversion is not an easy task for anyone involved; from the homeowner, the team of builders, to the designers. To ensure that there’s a seamless attic conversion, some of the essential things to be considered include the following:

    • Ensure that your home is eligible for a loft conversion. Your house needs to qualify for one before you can start making any plans. Things such as the availability of adequate head height( a minimum of around 1.9 to 2 m is required) and the type of existing roof structure need to be considered.
    • The need for planning permission. You need to determine whether you’ll require planning permission for your loft conversion project. This will be determined by the alterations that need to be done for your new loft among other things.
    • Working with qualified and reliable loft conversion specialists ensures that you do not compromise on your loft conversion design.
    • Choosing the right design for your loft. Considering there are different types of loft conversions to choose from, it’s good to work closely with your builder to ensure that you choose the most suitable design for your loft space.
    • Adherence to building regulations. It is a requirement that all building works are in line with the building regulations requirements.
    Loft conversion with balcony

    Other ways to add value to your property

    Does loft conversion add value to your home? The answer is a big yes! As highlighted below, there are other ways you can significantly improve your property’s value. These are:

    • Extending sideways. This can be either a side or rear kitchen extension.
    • Building an orangery. With this, there will be more space to relax and enjoy nature.
    • Building a conservatory. This is an ideal way to connect both the indoors and outdoors in a seamless way.
    • Converting your garage. From a home office, playroom, to a home gym, there is so much you can choose to do with your garage.
    • Renovation or refurbishment. To give your place that new-home feel, you can always opt for a complete renovation or refurbishment.

    There are plenty of things that you can do to add more value to your property. From the above, you can see that having a loft conversion is an ideal investment that you don’t need to think twice about. After all, the return on investment is something that is really worth it.

    Loft conversions are the best option if you want to make the most of your loft spaces, improve your home’s value, or even acquire extra space. This is something that can be achieved easily with a qualified and reliable team of builders. If you wish to discuss any of your loft project ideas, reach out to get the professional guidance you need from one of our loft conversion experts. Let our team help you improve your property’s value.