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Eloft London Conversions is one of London’s leading loft conversions which specializes in attic and 100% bespoke loft conversion design. Turning your underutilized below-roof spaces into usable space is what we do best.

Our services

eloft London Conversions offers several types of loft conversions in all areas of London. Some of the constructions services you can get include the following:

Why choose ELoft Conversions

Our clients are at the centre of everything we do. Therefore, we are keen on ensuring that they love how our designs transform their under-utilized below-roof spaces into open, light-filled living areas. We assign a dedicated project manager for every project to help you craft your dream loft and oversee the project to completion to your liking.

Our highly skilled professional builders guarantee the best loft conversion from the above special features, which make the new spaces fun, unique, and innovative without compromising the quality at an affordable price. In addition, we offer guarantee on the work done by us.

Eloft London Conversions abides by all the rules and regulations of the authorities and has numerous insurance policies in place. For further inspiration and examples of our work, please take a look at some of our previous examples of loft conversion building projects.


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Meet The Team

Mairis Bax (Founder)

Mairis Bax

Maris is a building professional and house renovation expert, who specialises in different types of loft conversions. He was born in England ( 10 June in 1985). Maris has more than 10 years of work in the construction industry and has done many loft conversion projects in the United Kingdom. He has a huge passion for converting lofts and helping people solve their space problems. Maris established his own building company, eLoft Conversions, that has the main focus on loft conversions. Today, he runs his own business successfully.

You can get on hold with Mr Bax on [email protected]

Work Experience


Maris is a founder of e-Loft Conversions. He started his own business in 2018 and continues to run it until now.

The company is mainly concentrated on loft conversion projects. The e-Loft Conversions does different types of loft conversions including dormer loft conversion, hip to gable loft conversion, VELUX loft conversions and mansard loft conversion.

The main purpose of the e-Loft Conversions is to help property owners get the most out of their loft space.


Maris worked as a self-employed builder starting from 2014 till 2018. The main focus of his work was converting attics into lofts.


Maris graduated from the University of Westminster where he studied Construction Management BSc Honours.

Lily Young

Mairis Bax

Lily Young works as a content manager at the marketing department of the eLoft Conversions team. As a British born in England, she has strong content writing skills, content management skills, and marketing skills. Lily is responsible for creating content for the site’s pages, updating content on a website. Lily has been working as a content writer for many years, and she has huge experience in creating content for marketing purposes. Today, her main focus in writing is loft conversion and construction. Lily knows how to create a compelling website content that people like to read. She uses the power of her content management skills to contribute greatly to the company’s marketing department and business success. Lily graduated from the University of East London, where she studied Marketing BSc (Hons).

Got queries about Marketing contact Lily at [email protected]

Dave Zax

Dave Zax

Dave Zax works as a site manager at the eLoft Conversions team. He is responsible for everything that happens on the construction site. Dave’s main responsibility is organising work as well as employees on the construction projects. He is responsible for completing a construction project on time and fitting the client’s budget. Dave is dedicated to what he is doing and does everything possible to provide clients with the best possible customer experience.

You can reach out to Dave at
[email protected]

Tom MacQuoid

Tom MacQuoid

Tom MacQuoid born in England ( 15 August 1975). Works as a construction manager at the eLoft Conversions team. The main job of Tom is to coordinate and supervise construction projects. As a construction manager, he supports the building process from the very beginning to the end. Tom’s task is to ensure that the project is safe and the deadlines are met. Tom cooperates with general contractors, does quality checks, oversees construction sites and performs other important tasks. He also has to ensure that the construction meets the client’s needs as well as budget.


Tom graduated from Oxford Brookes University where he studied Construction Project Management BSc Honours.

Get on hold with Construction related question at [email protected]

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