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    All eLoft London Conversions projects are covered by a guarantee on structural work. We confidently and proudly stand behind the quality work that we continually offer to our esteemed clients. 

    Loft Extension

    Also, our loft conversion guarantee brings reassurance and satisfaction to our clients. Our project manager will share the warranty details and ensure that all relevant documentation is available in your contract that is issued at the inception of your project.

    Clear guidelines are provided on how to claim and procedures to be followed for any fault with your loft conversion.


    Clients’ certainty is always boosted when they are guaranteed the safety of their property or project. In that regard, Eloft Conversions secured insurance policies that are guided to safeguard the loft conversion projects undertaken. 

    Loft conversion with balcony

    We have numerous insurance policies in place that cover public liability, we also have employee Liability cover and all risks cover respectively. We are insured by leading insurance companies in the country. 

    These insurances protect your building, personal effects, exterior, project supplies, and our own employees. Additionally, Eloft Conversions has Contractors All Risk insurance and Professional Indemnity which cover both new works and design work. Our insurance policy documents are available, and we gladly share with our clients.

    Eloft London Conversions projects include a three-to-six-month snagging period. This is the period after the official completion of the project during which outstanding items are finished up.

    Outstanding items may include repairing or finishing minor cosmetic details identified before the completion certificate can be awarded. They may also include items that were not completed and were missed (not identified) when the certificate was awarded.

    We are committed to advanced expertise and unwavering customer care which we strive to accomplish in a snagging period that allows for all details to be rectified well. However, in some instances, cracks may appear after we have concluded the loft conversion. Therefore, we recommend our client to wait for at least twelve (12) months after the completion of the loft conversion before the commencement of repairs. 

    Under bed storage solutions

    This is because settling and seasonal temperature fluctuations often produce additional cracks. The client can reach out to our customer service team to arrange for our experts to return and repair any settlement cracks in their loft conversion. It is our responsibility to speedily rectify to the customer’s satisfaction.

    Upon finishing the snagging work and building controls approval has been gained on completion, the project manager will ensure that you have received all relevant documentation, including your structural guarantee

    This will fully layout the process and the right person to communicate with if you may come across any fault on your conversion. 

    For any further reassurance, our clients’ testimonials attest to our quality and standard work as well as our excellent customer experience.

    You can contact us if you need a quote from our services to transform your loft to one beautiful living space you long for by calling 020 3322 2650 or filling in the online query form.