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Loft Conversion Storage Ideas in London

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    From Victorian architecture such as the St. Pancras station to Edwardian architecture like the homes found in the Hampstead garden suburb and Dulwich, we can all agree that London has several attractive architectural landmarks. Not to mention the level of craftsmanship exhibited in these outstanding designs. Regardless of whether your home was constructed during the post-war times or in the present day, there’s a lot you can do to utilize your underutilised loft space. Let’s have a look at some of the loft conversion storage ideas you can implement in London.

    storage space under Velux windows

    Having a loft conversion is one of the most viable options you can choose if you intend to acquire extra space or convert your attic to usable space. Whether it’s an extra bedroom, home office, or perhaps a kid’s playroom among other things, there’s a lot that you can do with your loft conversion working with a qualified building company in London.

    It is common to find lofts with very small angles making it hard to find adequate storage space. As much as it may be hard, it is not impossible. All you have to do is get creative, and you’ll be surprised at the storage you can derive from your loft space. Below are some of the loft storage ideas that will suit your property:

    • Creating eaves storage
    • Making use of floating shelves
    • Having a fitted wardrobe
    • Opting for under the bed storage
    • Using an empty fireplace or chimney breast
    • Make the most of your window seating 
    • Incorporate sliding doors

    1. Creating eaves storage

    Velux loft with eaves storage

    This is one way to make use of all the awkward space available within your loft conversion. Whether Victorian, Georgian or Edwardian, most homes have eaves, especially because of the sloping roof side. The eaves storage size might vary depending on the type of roof extension you choose for your home. One way to make use of the eaves storage is by installing bespoke shelves or drawers. The shelves should be customized to suit your needs.

    If you decide to use your loft conversion as a bedroom, the storage should be suitable for storing clothes. The same goes for when you choose to use your loft conversion as an office. If your loft conversion design can accommodate a bathroom, you can create extra storage space from the eaves. With the right builder, you should be able to decide how best to do this.

    2. Make use of floating shelves

    loft bedroom With floating shelfs

    Floating shelves are not only a great storage idea for nick-nacks but also awesome for adding flair to your space. If you’re into DIY activities, then this is something that you would enjoy. 

    You can also have your builder install some custom made floating shelves to suit the aesthetics of your living space. This means you can choose different materials, colours, sizes, and designs for your floating shelves. Depending on where the stairs for loft conversion are, you can have floating shelves on the wall for some extra storage space.

    fitted wardrobe in a dormer loft

    3. Having a fitted wardrobe

    Although loft conversions come in various shapes and sizes, making use of the available space from floor to ceiling is essential. One way to do this is by having a fitted wardrobe for your loft. Considering the various extension sizes, you’d want to have a custom made wardrobe for your loft bedroom.

    It won’t be hard with the right loft builders to choose a suitable design for your space. With an inbuilt wardrobe, you will have more bedroom storage space for your clothes and other belongings.

    4. Opt for under the bed storage

    Under bed storage solutions

    Going for bed frames with built-in storage spaces is something you don’t want to miss out on. Aside from giving you extra clothes storage, it’s also a great way to keep your loft room tidy.

    This will be handy if your loft conversion has no wall storage or adequate room. Working with your interior designer will ensure that you choose good bedroom ideas for your loft convert.

    Another way to go about it is by having custom drawers fitted in the bed frame. So, if you’re worrying about loft conversions having small spaces, this is one of the storage solutions that you can opt for.

    5. Renovate your fireplace/chimney breast

    Mansard roof with chimney

    We have already established that aside from the modern luxurious housing, most of the homes in London are either Georgian, Edwardian or Victorian. The Great Hall at King’s College School in Wimbledon is a good example of Victorian architecture. If you own a Victorian home, like the ones close to the Kilburn tubes station in the West Hampstead suburbs, chances that your home has a fireplace in most of the room are high.

    Fireplaces were a common thing for most Victorian homes since they were built in almost every room. If you are not planning to use the fireplace in your attic, you can always convert it into loft storage. This can be achieved by installing custom made drawers in the chimney breast.

    Depending on your home design, your designers should be able to help you make the right decision on what will suit your space.

    6. Make the most of your window seating

    bench under Velux window

    Having inbuilt storage drawers for your window seat is also another great storage solution for your loft conversion. This is especially suitable if you have a velux loft conversion. Not forgetting that aside from the functionality, you’ll get to enjoy the beautiful views outside from your window seat.

    7. Use sliding doors

    Mansard extension with sliding doors

    Incorporating sliding doors in loft conversions is a great way to save space. With such, you don’t have to worry about wasting space with closing doors, furthermore, you can utilize this space to have extra storage installed in the room. 

    From the above, it is clear that there are many loft storage ideas that you can implement for your loft conversion whether you need to convert your attic in North London like Hendon or other parts of London boroughs. With these ideas, acquiring more loft storage room will be easier regardless of your property’s nature or size. Making the decisions will be especially easy if you are working with a qualified builder.