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Loft Conversion Stairs Ideas

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    During a loft conversion, having your stairs at a strategic place is very important hence the need to get a reliable loft conversion company. You do not want to have your loft conversion stairs where they’ll take up most of the space. Although they tend to take up a lot of space, your stairs placement should be at a convenient position where they don’t take up much of the conversion space. 

    Not forgetting that the perfect staircase design should take into account style and safety. When thinking about your design, you should put into consideration the building regulations requirements for staircases. The size, layout, and type of materials used are a few of the things that determine how the new staircase will look like.

    Below are some of the loft conversion stairs design ideas that you can have in your loft convert:

    spiral staircase

    Spiral staircase

    This type of stairs is suitable if you intend to save space or in situations where the space available is very little. Although they are a great option of space saver stairs, the building regulation rules for such tend to be more strict. You need to be sure of the requirements before going for this option. 

    Constructing a new staircase on existing ones

    Do you want to minimize the amount of floor room taken by the stairs? Not only is this option a great way to optimize the available space, but it also ensures that you do not lose out on the headroom. 

    With this design, the new staircase is built on the existing stairs. A small landing makes the staircase look like one piece.

    Acquiring space from an existing room

    In cases where its impossible to construct the new loft conversion stairs on the existing stairs, getting creative is essential. You can consider getting the needed space from one of the rooms or the one that’s rarely used.

    Paddle stairs

    These are space saving stairs for loft conversion that are suitable for a small space in a small landing. Apart from the short alternate treads, they also have handrails for enhanced safety.

    Straight staircase alternatives

    Straight staircase alternatives

    In the case that you’re not opting for straight staircases, you have the alternative designs to choose from. It can either be the half landing, quarter landing, or quarter landing with winders. This design provides a great opportunity to create stairs to join with the existing ones.

    Lighting your staircase

    For security purposes and also aesthetic, it is always great having a well-lit staircase for your loft conversion. If you can’t get access to natural light, you can always opt for artificial lighting. In terms of avoiding any accidents, the lighting will come in handy.

    These are just but a few of the ideas that you can implement, although there are many more designs you can consider. There are various designs to suit different types of loft conversions. Even with all these options, it is always advisable to consult with your local authorities so that they can give you a clear interpretation of the loft conversion building regulations.

    Choosing staircase material

    Depending on the design and style of your property there are various materials that you can incorporate into your loft conversion stairs ideas. Your budget, as well as your preferences, are the other things that can influence the choice of material you go for. We shall go through some of these materials briefly, maybe you’ll get your inspiration here:

    • Having a stone or concrete staircase. Although costly and time consuming to construct, this type of material is quite durable.
    • Metal staircase. Although this design can have an industrial look, they make a perfect choice for your loft conversion stairs. They just need to be fixed property and paired with the right material to avoid that overly industrial look.
    • Acrylic and glass staircase design. Are you looking for a touch of elegance? This should be a great option for you. Not only does it embody glamour, but the glass also allows plenty of light into the home.
    • Using timber in your staircase design. With timber, there are several designs that you can have for your stairs making them versatile material.
    • Having premade or bespoke stairs. Sometimes you see something and wonder how you can have it in your home. In the case of a staircase, you just need to work with your designer to get the bespoke design you want. In other instances, you can buy the staircase from large companies that have the ability to make them on a large scale.

    These are just some of the options you can go for when choosing construction material for your loft conversion stairs. Depending on the design of your home, then the material chosen can vary. It is always advisable to consult with your designer or contractor to make sure you’ve chosen a suitable material. You also want to choose something that’s within your budget.

    straight stair

    What is the cost of loft conversion stairs?

    Most of the time, the cost of constructing the stairs is incorporated in the overall attic conversion cost. We shall, however, have a glimpse at the cost for some of the staircase designs that we had discussed earlier. 

    Just like most things, the cost of materials and the amount of work to be done significantly impact loft conversion stairs cost. From as low as £500 to £600, you can get your timber or metal staircase. With the stone or concrete stairs being the most costly option, their price range starts from £10,000 onwards.

    Depending on the design you want for your loft conversion stair, you should always consult with your designer or contractor so that you can be given an accurate estimate for the loft conversion stairs. Your loft conversion builder will be able to give you an estimate that is within your budget.

    At ELoft Conversions, we give accurate estimates of the stairs to loft conversion cost and we make sure to stay within your budget. Whether your property requires planning permission or it falls under permitted development, following the building regulations is mandatory for us.

    Whenever you’re building a loft conversion, making the most of the available loft space is necessary. The staircase to the loft is constructed in a way that utilizes the head height available in the loft room. We also have to put fire safety into consideration by either including a fire door or escape routes.

    We have looked at some of the designs you can consider when adding a staircase to the loft as well as the various materials you can opt for. With our expert designers, architect, and the team of professionals, rest assured your loft conversion project is in able hands. Reach out today and get a free loft conversion quote or discuss your project with one of our specialists.