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Affordable Loft Conversion

Turn your underutilised attic into beautiful new living spaces.


Loft Conversions North London

Highly trained and fully equipped builders are always ready to help you with any type of attic and loft conversion in North London. Would you like to turn your below-roof space into open living areas? A trusted company that specializes in loft conversions in North London will help you accomplish your goals! With highly professional builders, you’ll get the work done quickly and effectively. Plus, you’ll get cost-effective services.

Why Choose eLoft Conversions


All-in-one service

You’ll get a full range of building services, including interior design, architectural works, etc. The eLoft company has all the necessary building specialists for your loft conversion project.


Highly experienced builders

Each of builders, who work at eLoft Conversions, has many years of experience in doing different types of loft conversion works.


Committed to quality work

Some building companies have little or no experience and that’s why they can’t land new jobs for their business. So, they need to lower the prices to attract new clients. At eLoft Conversions, builders work differently. If you choose to deal with eLoft Conversions, you can be sure that specialists will do their job as required and meet your budget.


100% customer satisfaction

Our goal is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. Highly professional architects, interior designers, project managers and builders will do every single thing possible to make you happy with your new loft.



What it Like to Live in North London ?

North London is known to harbour some of the unique architectural gems in London. From the Camden Roundhouse which boasts of modest Victorian designs, or the Victorian terraced houses in Stoke Newington and Newington Green, to the beautiful georgian homes in Islington and Highbury, there’s a lot of interesting designs that you’ll find here. Not to mention the premium property in Tottenham and around Holloway ( also home to the Arsenal Football Club).

You will get extra loft space

With a loft conversion, you will also be able to acquire the much needed space at a very affordable cost. So, whether you want a home office, extra bedroom or even a playroom, your needs will dictate the design that you’re going to for your North London property.