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Where to live in Barnet Area

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    With a population of around 370,000 people, the London borough of Barnet is where you can get the best of both worlds. From the leafy streets, and reliable transport links, to the vibrant social life among other things, there’s plenty that the area has to offer. It also happens to be the second-largest borough in London.

    If you’re looking to move to Barnet, you’ll find different property styles to choose from. You don’t need to worry about your budget either because the different properties have varying price ranges to suit any budget. Situated in an idyllic spot in London, the area offers the perfect balance of village and country living. Some of the places you can reside in the London borough of Barnet include the following:

    1. Hendon

    From the thirties semis and detached houses to the modern flats, Hendon has plenty to offer when it comes to different property types. With most of the homes in Hendon being ideal for either conversion, renovation, or extension, it’s no surprise that the staying power for the local residents in the area is really strong.

    Aside from the community links, you’ll also find good schools, restaurants, and excellent transport links. If you’re a sports fanatic, you’ll certainly enjoy spending time at the Wembley stadium, if not, then the Brent Cross Shopping Centre will be an ideal place for you to pass time.

    2. Finchley

    From North Finchley, Finchley Central, East Finchley to West Finchley, we can all agree that there’s a lot of Finchley going on. Aside from the various transport links and different amenities available, you will also get a wide array of property types that you can opt for in Finchley. If you want a quiet and leafy neighbourhood, then this is the place for you.

    houses in barnet

    3. Barnet

    Be it convenient travel links, good schools, entertainment joints, or a green leafy environment, the Barnet residents have it all. You’ll also get convenient transport links and good schools among other things.

    The property scene in Barnet entails different types of home ranging from Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian, to twenties and thirties properties. You’ll also find tiny cottages and modern flats too.

    4. Brent Cross

    Brent Cross is yet another local area in Barnet that you can move to. From home to the Brent Cross Shopping Centre, this place has an average crime rate and it’s also served by the Northern line which makes access to and from easy. You will also find different property types in Brent cross that you can purchase depending on your budget.

    5. Colindale

    Whether you are a student or a young family looking to start things then you can consider moving to Colindale, which isn’t far from Middlesex University. Apart from the Northern line serving the residents, there are also several reliable transport links thus enhancing the connectivity. When it comes to housing in Colindale, aside from the rental properties, you’ll find other options that are equally affordable.

    6. Edgware

    With a multicultural community and plenty of lush green spaces, Edgware is the ideal place for anyone looking to settle in a peaceful and serene environment. Edgware also gives you access to different rental and new properties. Other than the amenities available, it makes for the perfect location for anyone seeking to enjoy the convenience of the city and the tranquillity of suburbia!

    7. Golders Green

    Found in the London borough of Barnet, Golders Green is yet another option you can consider for your next move. Although it’s mostly dominated by the Jewish community, there have been more Korean and Japanese families in recent years. Aside from the arts and crafts style flats in Golders Green, you’ll also find new builds, semi-detached and thirties detached houses, some of which have been converted.

    8. The Hale

    You will find an array of properties types in The Hale ranging from twenties terrace houses to several Georgian and Victorian homes. There are also several good schools, reliable transport links, and amenities that make this part of Barnet an ideal place to move to.

    9. The Hyde

    We can all agree that The Hyde has come a long way from the village that it was back then. Currently being served by six railway stations and a bus station, the residents in The Hyde get to enjoy reliable transport among other amenities. You’ll also find an array of different properties in this part of Barnet; from the old Victorian homes, the terraces, bungalows, and the semis.

    homes in finchley

    10. Totteridge

    Another location in Barnet you can consider for your big move is the green leafy suburb of Totteridge. It is an exclusive neighbourhood favoured by some celebrities including Arsenal FC manager, Arsène Wenger. Apart from the large detached mansions, you’ll also find pretty village cottages.

    11. Willesden

    Willesden Green is another area in Barnet where one can buy and rent a property. The transport links are also reliable and there are also plenty of restaurants and cafes where you can pass time. Some of the period homes you’ll find in Willesden include the Edwardian villas and Victorian terraces. There is also no shortage of rental homes in that part of Barnet.

    12. Cricklewood

    From being a conservation area once, Cricklewood is a charming neighbourhood that has plenty to offer for most renters and buyers. The streets have semi-detached, detached and terraced homes from the Edwardian, Victorian, twenties, and thirties eras. However, most of these houses have been converted to either one or two-bedroom flats.

    13. Swiss Cottage

    Swiss Cottage is another diverse community in Barnet that makes for a suitable location for anyone wanting to make the big move. Some of the buildings you’ll find include modern-style blocks of flats. There are also several amenities that you get to enjoy as a Swiss Cottage resident like the reliable transport links.

    14. Hampstead

    Most of the families living in Hampstead have been there for generations. However, the charming village atmosphere attracts new buyers and renters to the area. This is one sign that most of the homes in Hampstead like the Georgian and Victorian houses are ideal for either extensions, renovations, or even refurbishment. The other styles in the areas include period cottages, Edwardian mansions and modern flats.

    From this article, we can see that there are different districts that you can choose to live in the Borough of Barnet. Whether you’re looking for an affordable neighbourhood or perhaps an elite one, there is the best of both worlds in Barnet. And for most of the areas with period homes, you can always choose to either extend your home, have a conversion or even renovate or refurbish the entire property.