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Loft Conversions The Hyde

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    Planning loft conversions in the hyde? If you want to have a Velux, mansard, or dormer loft extension, there are several ways to make the most of your loft space. Choose a team of loft builders that can help you design the attic space the way you want it. So you get to work with a team of qualified craftsmen.

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    With the limited garden space in modern properties these days, having a loft conversion in your Hyde property is one of the home improvement solutions where you won’t have to lose any garden space.

    There’s also a diligent project manager appointed to supervise the project from start to finish. The ELoft builders in area NW9, ensure that all the legal requirements like planning permission and adherence to building regulations are adhered to. You get to improve the value of your property while sticking to your budget. For a free attic extension quote, fill the form below.

    How to plan a loft conversion

    Planning a loft conversion is easy, especially if you’re working with a reliable contractor. Some of the things you should do when planning for a conversion project include the following:

    • Ensure that your home qualifies for a loft extension. 
    • Hiring a qualified and reliable builder is another tip for ensuring your loft conversion plans are seamless and within your budget range. 
    • You should also ensure that all legal requirements are adhered to. This can range from acquiring planning permission, and any party wall agreement to full compliance with the building regulations.
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    What height do you need for a loft conversion

    Before embarking on an attic extension project, your builder should first ensure that your home is eligible for one. This will help you avoid encountering any problems with the local authorities while the construction is underway.

    Having a minimum ceiling height of 2m is one of the requirements for a loft conversion. Your loft space needs to have adequate headroom if you’re converting it to livable space.

    What is the average cost of a loft conversion

    On average, a loft extension in the NW9 area will set you back between £25,000 to £50,000. You can pay even hundreds of thousands, depending on the type of conversion you want. Several factors will determine the cost of your attic conversion.

    This will range from the size of the extension, the builder you’re working with, to the nature of your project, among other things. Highlighted below are some of the different types of loft conversion in the UK and the amount you’re likely to pay for each.

    Loft Conversion Options



    This is the cheapest loft conversion option. On average, you can pay between £25,000 to £27,500 for a Velux conversion.


    A dormer loft can cost you between £35,000 to £40,000. The amount of work to be done is among the factors that will impact the cost.


    The mansard dormer involves the most work thus making it the most costly option. It can cost you from £50,000 upward.

    Hip to gable

    Suitable for detached and semi-detached properties with sloping roof, the hip-to-gable loft can cost you from £45,000 to around £50,000 .

    About The Hyde properties

    From Victorian and Edwardian homes, bungalows, and terraced homes, to detached and semi-detached properties, The Hyde has quite an array of property styles. There’s also the eye-catching Georgian architecture in Bayswater and the beautiful garden squares.

    If you’re looking to improve your house’s overall look and maintain its architectural value, then a loft extension is a suitable solution for you. All you have to do is reach out to our loft conversion specialist to discuss your project details.