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Loft Conversions Golders Green

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    Having a loft conversion in Golders Green is common because they’re a practical and cost-effective way of acquiring extra space and enhancing your property’s value. If you work with the right project manager and a highly skilled team handling loft conversions in Golders Green, you get to achieve the dream design for your loft space.

    Dormer loft Conversion

    The team also takes care of the planning permission and party wall agreement if needed, meaning you’ll have less to worry about from the start to finish of the attic extension. Contact us today for a free quote.

    How do I know I can have a loft conversion

    Before having a loft conversion in Area NW11, you need to ensure that your property is eligible for one. Here’s how you know you can have an attic extension:

    • If your house has a minimum ceiling height of 2.2m, which is the requirement for all attic conversions.
    • The available space should allow for proper placement of stairs with at least 1.9m headspace.
    • If the project falls under permitted development. If it doesn’t, you can always apply for planning permission.

    When do you need planning permission for a loft conversion

    As mentioned earlier, planning permission is crucial if the loft construction you intend to have doesn’t fall under permitted development rights. Circumstances under which you may require planning permission include the following:

    • If the home is in a conservation area
    • If there has been an additional storey to the existing structure under permitted development
    • If the property is on a designated land
    • If the extension height will be more than that of the existing roof structure.
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    Different loft conversion options



    This is the best solution for converting an attic into livable space. You get to give more life to your loft space with the velux windows loft conversion because the roof light windows that allow natural light to flood in.


    If you’re looking to transform your space into a large, bright and airy room, then having a dormer loft is something you should consider. Although it’s not aesthetically pleasing, you get enough head space.


    Although it’s suitable for other property types, it seamlessly complements old properties too. It is also more aesthetically pleasing than the dormer loft.

    Hip to gable

    To acquire more space, the loft conversion company you work with can choose to combine a hip to gable with a rear dormer. It is also a costly option compared to the rest.

    About Golders Green properties

    Whether it’s family or relaxing weekends, Golders Green has it all. From the Hampstead garden suburb, you’ll find different housing options in the area include suburban housing(of which most have a 1930’s influence). You’ll also find several modern developments and apartments in the area.

    If you’re looking to improve your home and at the same time maintain its historical aesthetic value, then a loft conversion would be ideal. You also get to choose a suitable design for your home from the wide variety of options. To access our extension service, all you have to do is give us a call and discuss your loft conversion plans with an expert.