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Loft Conversions The Hale

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    Loft extensions are a common home improvement solution for most homeowners in the UK. If you’re looking to have a modern loft, improve the value of your property, or acquire extra space at an affordable cost, then this is something you might consider. One way to achieve this is by hiring a loft conversion company that can deliver. With ELoft Conversion, you get to work with a team of qualified and reliable builders for your loft conversion in The Hale.

    With their years of expertise and experience, you get a quality outcome for the design you choose. You also do not need to worry about planning permission or building regulations. For effective project management, all loft conversions in area NW7 have a designated project manager. Complete the form below for a free attic extension quote.

    Where to start with your Loft conversions in The Hale

    Converting your attic into usable space is one of the least complicated projects you can decide to embark on. For everything to be seamless, you need to start planning early. Some of the things you can do include the following:

    • Choose a reliable and experienced loft conversion specialist to work  with 
    • Review quotes from different contractors to avoid any scammers and cowboy builders
    • Establish a reasonable budget 
    • Check the legal requirements from the local authorities to avoid any complications

    How to build a dormer loft

    A dormer loft is one of the different types of loft extensions that you can opt for. With this specific conversion, you get to acquire extra headroom for your loft space. The structure is built to protrude from an existing sloping roof, this resulting in more usable room. It can be an awesome solution for that cramped attic space. There are also many dormer loft conversion ideas that you can opt for depending on your property type.

    Loft Conversion Types



    Whether it’s an extra guest room, children’s play room or even a home office, a Velux would come in handy. It is also the most affordable option.


    From a home office, TV room to an extra bedroom, there’s plenty that you can achieve with a dormer loft. It doesn’t require planning permission, but to be on the safe side, it’s advisable to always check with the local authorities.


    A mansard extension is often a more costly option because it involves a lot of structural alterations that need to be done.

    Hip to gable

    With this type of extension, the slanted side of an existing roof is converted to a gable end. Combining a dormer extension with a hip-to-gable is one way to achieve maximum space.

    How long does it take to do a loft conversion

    Depending on the project’s nature, converting your loft can take a duration of between 4-8 weeks. Some of the things that may impact the duration include the amount of work that needs to be done, the loft extension size, and the weather conditions, among other things.


    About The Hale properties

    From the twenties terraced houses to the Victorian and Edwardian homes, you’ll find various property styles in The Hale. The area continues to attract more residents thanks to its improving infrastructure. Considering the area is rapidly developing and growing, most people are likely to settle in the area and have a solid staying power.

    This means that instead of moving, most homeowners have the option of having an extension. Luckily, there’s quite an array of conversion types to choose from especially with the guidance of our qualified experts.