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hip to gable loft conversion


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    Eloft Conversions is an innovative, fast-paced, and professional construction company based in London. Our main focus is on loft conversions. It involves the transformation of empty and non-residential spaces, including attics and lofts into functional spaces. Dedicated to customer satisfaction, our main aim is to work with an efficient and diligent team to fulfil our client’s needs.


    We offer unique and ingenious loft conversion design ideas as well as skilled and professional workmanship. We also provide quotations on loft conversion costs depending on the type of loft conversion and the client’s budget.

    Our office is a place of creativity, effort, collaboration, and conversion. It is a safe working environment with roaming talent and cognitive ability. All our services are client-focused. We take pride in client satisfaction and feedback. 

    We also have a solid and proven track record of success based on previous projects. Our projects are specific and time-bound, and we operate strictly within our deadlines.

    Most importantly, we uphold integrity as a core value. We employ professionals who are highly motivated, dependable, trustworthy, and inventive.

    pitched dormer roof sketch

    Our services include

    1. Dormer loft conversion
    2. Mansard loft conversion
    3. Hip to gable loft conversion
    4. Velux loft conversion


    • You get to be part of a team of experienced building professionals who work together to come up with unique and progressive designs. We provide 100% customized loft conversion designs. We consider each individual project different from the previous one and from the next and therefore give it our absolute best.
    • We value our team members and vigorously advocate for teamwork. The success of a project depends on each team member’s input and every team member involved in the project. We all work together to achieve results that bring the uttermost satisfaction to the team and most importantly, to the client. We believe in inclusion and a combination of various ideas to come up with a seamless project plan and ultimately, a desirable loft conversion design.
    • We believe in skill sharing and growth. We have a wide range of building experts including but not limited to project managers, professional builders, designers, and an architectural team committed to crafting and coming up with the client’s preferred loft design. The team members get to work together and interact for a particular period, depending on the amount of time allocated for a specific project. This way, they get to exchange knowledge and acquire a diverse set of skills from one other.
    • You get the satisfaction of coming up with exquisite and meaningful loft conversion designs. Our team aims at creating pre-eminent homes and other functional spaces to the client’s satisfaction. We do not settle for mediocre designs. We work until we come up with a high standard design that adds value to the space allocated and makes it spacious, comfortable, and energy-efficient. Our satisfaction is solely based on the client’s satisfaction.
    • You will be part of an ethical company that adheres to the rules and regulations set by relevant authorities. We also have various company insurance policies in place.

    Are you interested in working with us? Reach out to us with your CV and any relevant details. If your qualifications match our criteria, our support team will promptly and gladly get back to you for the vetting process or interview meeting. For further enquiries, call us on 020 3322 2650 or send us an email on [email protected].