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Health and Safety Policy

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    The eLoft loft conversion company has the main aim of providing a safe working environment and delivering a safe home for our clients. It understands its responsibility by the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 and other important requirements and safety legislation concerning its employees and any other person that may be affected. The company equally recognises the importance of putting Health and Safety into consideration when any work is being undertaken.

    To identify and control/ eliminate any risks that may arise in the workplace, the company avails the necessary resources. This includes any training, information, equipment, and most importantly supervision.

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    The main purpose is to avoid any injury or ill health that may befall any of our employees or other parties involved. We continue to aim for the development of our occupational Health and  Safety management.

    For the company employees who manage or supervise the use of work equipment, adequate training is given to them about Health and Safety. This involves training on how to use certain work equipment, the risks that might occur as well as the precautionary measures to be taken.

    Every employee and subcontractor is expected to collaborate with the company in ensuring compliance with the Health and Safety policy. This means that they have to carry out their work without risking themselves or other people who might be involved.

    In case any difficulty arises about the implementation of the Health and Safety policy, the company has appointed adviser who should be consulted.  

    The company management and employees monitor the operations of the policy to ensure continued improvement in health and safety performance. For this purpose, the company has appointed a safety adviser who shall advise on safety matters and upon request, visit workplaces and sites to ensure compliance with the Health and Safety guidelines.

    This Health and Safety company policy statement will be displayed or availed at all sites and workplaces. 

    For reference by any employee, the full copy of the policy can be found at the eLoft Conversion office at 297 Whitechapel Rd, Shadwell, London E11BY, United Kingdom. 

    This policy shall be reviewed annually to reflect any legislation changes.

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