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6 Loft Conversion Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Attic

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    Getting the most out of your loft conversion takes some careful planning and working with the right experts. There are many variables involved, especially if you’re going for a more complicated loft conversion project. It’s important to understand how each factor affects the project in the long term, and what you can do to maximize your chance of success and get the most out of your renovation.

    1. Sort out access before everything else

    stairs leading to loft

    Access is almost always a difficult issue with loft conversions. Starting with the entry point is a good idea if you want to minimize future hassle.

    Whether you’re using spiral stairs, straight stairs, or another solution entirely, the important point is that you sort out this detail in advance so that you don’t end up in an awkward position where access to your loft is inconvenient.

    2. Take advantage of the extra space for new rooms

    room in a loft

    You don’t necessarily have to turn the entire loft into one single room. In many cases, you can easily split the available space into two or even more rooms. This can allow you to get the most value out of your conversion project, especially if you live in a large household with multiple family members.

    3. Determine if you’ll need extra insulation

    builder applying insulation

    Your loft may not be insulated as well as the rest of your home. This makes it important to pay attention to loft insulation from the very start of the project. If you’re going to use any additional insulation to keep the area warm, you should sort out these details before the actual construction work commences.

    4. Use the unusual shape of the loft to your advantage

    room with ceiling fan

    Some people see the unusual shapes of their lofts as a downside, but this can easily be turned into an advantage with the right approach. You can use the special shape of the room to make it more visually interesting, or even to arrange for additional storage room or other special areas.

    5. Loft conversions are perfect for bedrooms

    attic loft with ceiling fan

    If you’re not sure how to go about decorating your loft, you should start with the idea of treating it like a bedroom. This can often be executed easily by just starting with the bed and centering everything around it. This approach can allow you to turn your loft into a perfect upgrade over your current bedroom.

    6. Don’t forget the lighting

    living area loft

    Lighting is another common issue people tend to run into with loft conversions. If your loft has no windows – and many don’t by default – you should plan for installing some along the roof. Artificial lighting is okay as a backup solution, but it can lead to mood problems for some people.

    And if you’ll be using the room for regular everyday activities or a bedroom, you should definitely put some effort into ensuring that it has adequate lighting. This can make a huge difference in how you feel when using that room on a daily basis.