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Loft Conversions Cricklewood

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    Whether you need to convert your attic to acquire extra space to accommodate your growing family or perhaps you just want to have a modern loft in your property, then a loft extension will come in handy. You get to work with a diligent and experienced project manager for your loft conversion in Cricklewood.

    With the qualified team of professionals handling loft conversions in the NW2 area, you won’t have to worry about planning permission, party wall agreement, or adherence to building regulations because they’ll take care of everything. Thus, leaving you with very little to worry about throughout the entire project. Complete the form below for your free attic conversion quote.

    Why loft conversions

    There are several reasons why having a loft extension is one of the perfect home improvement solutions especially if you choose to work with the right loft conversion company. Aside from acquiring additional space, you also get to improve the value of your Cricklewood home.

    Also, you can choose to rent out your converted loft space thus earning yourself some extra cash. The other good thing with attic conversions is that you do not get to lose any garden space.

    With the ELoft team, you get quality loft conversion services thus you won’t have to worry about cowboy builders. We can’t also forget how cost-effective converting your loft is hence making it a common option among many homeowners in the UK.

    How much should I pay for a loft conversion

    Having a loft extension is one of the most affordable home improvement solutions you can decide to settle for. On average, a loft conversion in Cricklewood would cost you between £25,000 to £50,000.

    Of course, there are several factors that will be key in determining the overall cost of your project. This will range from the size of your property, your budget, existing roof structure, the loft conversion types you intend to have, and the nature of the work to be done among other things.

    How much value does a loft conversion add to a property

    Normally a loft conversion in the NW2 area can add up to 20 percent to the value of the property. If the loft extension includes a bedroom and an en suite bathroom, then this value is most likely to get to 21 percent.

    Other factors such as the quality, location of your house, size, and type of attic extension also determine how much the additional value will be. With ELoft, you get to work with a loft conversion specialist who will help you choose the best attic extension type for your living space.

    About Cricklewood homes

    From the spacious streets, different house styles( mostly Victorian or Edwardian) to the green gardens, Cricklewood has plenty to offer. Most of these homes which have been converted to one and two-bedroom flats are either detached, semi-detached, or terraced.

    The area has two conservation areas; the Mapesbury Estate which mostly has detached and semi-detached Victorian homes which also come with big gardens and the Cricklewood Railway Terraces.

    From the above mentions, it is clear that most of these homes bear significant historical value, thus making loft extension a viable home improvement solution. Plus, aside from preserving the historical value, you don’t get to lose any garden space and you also get a dedicated project manager to guide you through your loft conversion plans.