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How to Walk in an Attic with Blown Insulation

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    Walking in an attic with blown insulation can be problematic when you can’t even see beneath the layer of insulation. You have to be very careful. On one hand, you could injure yourself if you don’t pay attention to where you’re stepping. On the other, you could damage the insulation and find yourself in an expensive situation.

    Lay down boards

    boarded loft

    The easiest and safest way to walk in an attic with blown insulation is to lay down some boards and use them for navigation. Try to get an idea of where the main beams are so you can lay your boards across them. Sometimes this won’t be possible and you’ll have to estimate instead.

    Make sure to use plywood boards that can support your full weight. Ideally, you should test them in a safe environment before going up in the attic. Sometimes you might need to use a thicker layer of two or more boards to stay on the safe side.

    Walk slowly, one step at a time

    insulation over wires

    If boards are not an option, you can still potentially navigate your attic, but you will have to be even more careful. First, identify the locations of the main beams. Then, start walking slowly, one small step at a time. Always use your foot to feel what’s in front of you before taking your next step. That way, you’ll know if each step is safe to take.

    This can take a long time and is also prone to occasional errors. Don’t rush the process at all. In addition, don’t rely on the “path” that will form after doing this once for your next trip through the attic. Insulation might expand back into place and push the path to the side, giving you a false impression of where you’ve previously walked.


    loft insulation application

    Finally, you can try crawling through the insulation if even walking is not safe enough. Always wear protective clothing when doing that, and take it as slowly as possible. Feel things out with your hands as far as you can safely extend them without losing your balance. This is particularly important when inspecting loft insulation to ensure it’s properly installed.

    Follow the same advice as in the previous step about retracing your path. Don’t do that as the insulation might fool you into believing that certain areas are safe when you haven’t actually walked over them. Every time you take a new trip through the attic, you’ll have to get an idea of where it’s safe to crawl by using your hands to feel out the floor beneath you.