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Keeping a Boiler in Your Loft: Pros and Cons

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    Keeping a boiler in your loft can be a good way to optimize the layout of your home. However, it comes with some requirements that you should observe carefully. This is generally a safe idea, as long as you approach it with the right safety precautions.

    Understand the rules

    heater inside loft

    There are some regulations that have to be observed when installing a boiler in your loft. First, it’s important that the boiler is easily accessible to technicians and other professionals who might need to work on it. This includes emergency services.

    This means that the boiler should be placed in an area with as much open space as possible. It should be accessible by foot without having to navigate any dangerous walkways, crawl, or jump over obstacles. A guardrail should be installed to provide additional safety.

    Working on the boiler should be as hassle-free as possible too. For example, the place should be well-lit and should have adequate ventilation. If there are any wires or pipes running around the boiler, they should be properly isolated to minimize the risk they pose to workers.

    boiler in loft


    • Boiler is tucked away from the main areas of your home
    • Increased utilization of living space in the rest of the home
    • No exposed pipes
    • No (or reduced) noise from the boiler


    • More difficult to access
    • Reduces the space available in your loft
    • Boiler must be secured properly to ensure leaks don’t affect the rest of the house by propagating downwards