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Loft Conversion Specialists In Streatham

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    If you want a loft conversion in Streatham, our team has the expertise and craftsmanship to transform your vision into reality. Whether you’re looking to acquire more space or improve your property’s value, transforming your underutilized space is one of the solutions you can consider. Apart from qualified builders, you also get a reliable project manager to ensure everything is done within budget and according to the building regulation requirements.

    Velux attic room

    Loft extension services in Streatham

    There are different types of loft conversion that you can choose for your property. However, there are some factors you need to consider when deciding on a suitable design for your space. Some of these factors include the type of house you have, your location and the height and shape of your roof. Here are some of the attic conversion designs you can consider for your project:


    Dormer loft conversions guarantee you the most space making them a perfect solution to acquire more room. Usually, it involves adding a box-shaped structure to a pitched roof resulting in more headroom and floor space. Your property type will determine whether having a dormer is a viable solution and whether you’ll require any planning permission.


    Another option you can consider for your Streatham property is a Velux loft. Also known as a roof light loft conversion, it’s an affordable way to get additional space. It doesn’t involve having a lot of structural changes on the roof and the most significant one is the addition of the roof windows. This allows more light into the room making it look more spacious and bright. Most of the time such a conversion falls under permitted development rights but it’s always good to check with your local authorities.

    2 Velux windows in a attic space


    With a mansard loft, you get a lot of extra space and it’s also an aesthetic addition because it seamlessly blends with the existing structure. However, it is one of the options that is bound to cost you a pretty penny because of all the structural work involved. They are also suited for different property types but they’re more common in terraced houses. Planning approval is often necessary and you will need an architect on board for a quality mansard loft that meets the building regulations.

    Hipped Roof

    Ideal for various types of properties including detached, semi-detached and some terraced homes, a hip-to-gable loft conversion is another option you can consider for your property. With this type of loft, one of the hipped sides of the roof is converted into a gable roof resulting in plenty of room. You should note that it involves a lot of structural work but the final result is worth it.

    Elegant Loft designs

    There’s a wide range of loft designs that you can consider for your Streatham conversion depending on the aesthetic you want to achieve. If you want a light-filled space, a Velux conversion would be perfect. You can also convert your loft into an en suite bedroom, a study, or perhaps a home office. Some of the things that might influence your design include the type of house you have, the existing roof structure, your needs and your style.

    Eco-friendly attic conversions

    loft conversion using solar panels on a roof

    Apart from creating timeless loft conversion designs, we also ensure that everything is environmentally friendly. Our team easily achieves this by using sustainable materials and energy-efficient features in every project.

    Bespoke designs

    We understand that every client has different needs so every loft conversion is built to meet precise customer specifications. Our bespoke loft conversions give you the chance to own an aesthetic and functional space you’ll be proud to call home. Efficient communication with our clients ensures that both parties can work together to bring your vision to fruition.

    Affordable loft solutions

    Acquiring additional space doesn’t have to make you empty your accounts. Our affordable loft solutions guarantee you functionality and value for your money. Remember, cheap doesn’t necessarily mean an inhabitable loft with flaws. Whether you want a cheap, basic, modular, Velux, our team have the expertise and craftsmanship to make it a reality. We believe in sustainability so we make sure we use environmentally friendly building materials. However, the type of materials and type of loft affect the final price. E.g Velux is the cheapest while others like Mansard or Dormer are on the higher end.

    loft living room Velux-window and roof light

    Attic renovation

    Transform existing spaces into something new with our Streatham builders our partner of a team of qualified and reliable contractors. With qualified designers, architectural team, project management and loft conversion contractor you can easily transform your dark and underutilized attic into something functional. With our years of experience and knowledge in the industry, our team has what it takes to breathe new life into your old space.

    Loft conversion planning permission in  Streatham

    The need for planning permission is one of the important considerations when planning a loft conversion. If the project falls under Permitted Development Rights, it means you won’t require planning permission. To ensure that you have a hassle-free project, our team can also handle everything concerning local authorities and ensure that the construction is per the building regulations. It’s always advisable with your local authorities if you need any planning approval.

    Process and Timeline

    The process and timeline of a loft conversion project will vary depending on the size and type of conversion you want. Different types of loft conversions take different durations and approaches. For instance, a Velux attic conversion can take between 4 to 6 weeks while a mansard takes anywhere from 7 weeks. It’s always advisable to communicate clearly the design you want so that you can know whether it’s a viable solution or not. Our team of experts can guide you accordingly when choosing the right solution for your Streatham property. If you are looking for a trusted loft conversion specialist in Streatham, reach out for a free quote.