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Noise from Neighbours During a Loft Conversion Project – Things to Keep in Mind

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    Executing a loft conversion can rarely be done without any excessive noise. This is a complicated project that requires a lot of work from different specialists, often using heavy machines.

    Noise from neighbours during a loft conversion project is something that should be fully expected – but there are still some steps that can be taken to minimize it and keep everyone happy.

    How much noise is acceptable during a loft conversion project?

    A lot of noise is generated in the course of a typical loft conversion project. Much of that is concentrated in the initial stages of the project, as that’s when the biggest reworks to the existing property are done. Living next to a house that’s being converted means having to endure some uncomfortable noise levels for a while.

    Thankfully, this doesn’t last long in most cases. As long as the project is being handled by an experienced crew, it shouldn’t take more than a few days – or a couple of weeks at worst – until the noise mostly subsides. There is also a lot that the people running the project can do to help keep things at a reasonable level for everyone.

    What to do if you believe a neighbour is overstepping their boundaries

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    The first step you should take if you live next to a loft conversion project that might be going too far is to simply talk to the people involved. More often than not, they would be willing to understand the situation and will agree to keep things down.

    There are some parts that can’t really be avoided, meaning that you should just power through them if you can. Keep in mind that your neighbours are usually not allowed to do this for extended periods of time without facing repercussions, so it’s a good idea to get in touch with them at an early stage if you believe there’s an issue.

    How to minimize the noise from your loft conversion project

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    If you’re about to go through a loft conversion project of your own, there are various things you could do to keep the noise levels down and avoid annoying your neighbours. Soundproofing the work site is possible to some extent, though don’t expect miracles.

    Warn everyone in your vicinity about what you’re going to do and how long it would last. Provide a timeline that’s as detailed as possible. It’s okay if you deviate from it here and there, as your neighbours will be understanding of what’s going on as long as you’ve given them advance warning.

    It’s also possible that people can take a vacation and go elsewhere for a couple of weeks. If someone was already planning to take a trip abroad, this could be the perfect prompt for them to hurry up and get this started faster.