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Camden town in north London

Places To Live in North London

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    The multicultural hangouts, scenic views, and breathtaking architecture are some of the many things that North London has to offer. Whether you want to live in a quiet and relaxed neighbourhood away from all the bustling activities or at the centre of it all, there are several options you can choose. From Islington, Highgate, Finsbury Park, West Hampstead, Finchley, Muswell Hill to Camden, there are several family-friendly areas you can choose to live in North London.

    Whether you’re looking to live in an opulent neighbourhood or an affordable area, you shouldn’t have to worry about your budget because there’s something for everyone. Some of the best areas to live in North London that we shall have a look at include the following:

    • Camden Town
    • Highgate
    • Finsbury Park
    • Islington
    • Muswell Hill
    • Hampstead
    • Swiss Cottage

    1. Camden Town

    Camden town market
    A well known Camden Town market

    Situated only a 20-minutes walk away from the city centre, Camden Town is one of the best places to live in North London. A bustling town known for its famous markets, you’ll also find some of the richest cultural and literary history.

    If you’re either a renter or home buyer looking to live at the centre of it all, Camden is one of North London areas that would make for the ideal place for a lively social scene.

    Camden also has an array of different housing types that you can choose from regardless of your budget. From modern, stylish apartments, former council houses to Victorian homes, you’ll have a variety to choose from.

    The borough is also well-connected to Central London and the neighbouring areas, thanks to the Camden town station that serves the Northern line. There’s also the overground station at Camden road and several buses to locations around the city.

    2. Highgate

    Highgate is yet another option if you’re wondering where to live in North London. If you’re into abundant lush green spaces and leafy streets, then Highgate is the place for you. Perched up on the North Hill, you get to enjoy breathtaking views of the rest of the city from this neighbourhood.

    Highgate is mostly endowed with elegant Victorian and Georgian properties, giving you a relaxed village sense and community vibe. Even as you walk along the high street, you’ll find that most of the businesses are family-owned. You will also find some modern properties in the area.

    The place also makes for the most costly areas to purchase property in North London. It’s also well-connected to Central London because of the Archway and Highgate underground stations.

    There’s also the tube station which facilitates easy to and fro movement in the area. The easy access to public transport makes the area convenient for commuters who would prefer to live in an area with some peace.

    3. Finsbury Park

    If you’re looking to purchase affordable property in North London, Finsbury Park would be an ideal choice for you. It is common with most young professionals, Ethiopian, Turkish and Cypriot communities because of the affordable homes.

    The area is also suitable for commuters because of the transport links such as the Finsbury Park tube station, which offers an easy commute to the city centre. There are also train links to the nearby towns. Other than new builds, you’ll also find terraced Victorian homes in the area.

    4. Islington

    regent park

    Found in the Islington borough, this area has quite a variety of property types ranging from Victorian to Georgian properties. For those looking for affordable options, there are modern flats like those along Regent’s canal.

    If you’re thinking of where to spend your money in North London, then Upper street is the place to be. It has several cafes, restaurants, independent shops and bars.

    The three tube stations in the area(Angel, Caledonian Road, and Highbury and Islington) render it well connected. Canonbury, Highbury and Islington, Caledonian Road, and Bransbury are some of the stations that serve the area. You also have the option to walk to the city centre, which will only take you around 30 minutes.

    5. Muswell Hill

    If you want a quiet and peaceful leafy neighbourhood, then Muswell Hill makes for one of the best places to live in North London. Here, you’ll find a wide variety of both Victorian and Edwardian properties with historical architectural charm.

    When it comes to commuting, the area is serviced by buses. There are no train stations, but the residents can conveniently rely on buses for transport.

    We can’t forget to mention the exciting outdoor activities that you can participate in the Alexandra Park. There’s also the Alexandra Palace, which guarantees you some breathtaking views, all thanks to its hilltop position.

    6. Hampstead

    Hampstead heath park
    A view from Hampstead heath park.

    With Hampstead Heath surrounding this area, it’s only fair to say that this area makes for the best picturesque area you can choose to live in North London.

    If you’re an outgoing individual, then you certainly won’t get enough of the local hangouts. You’ll also find several Georgian and Edwardian homes. When it comes to commuting, the Northern line serves the residents in this area effectively.

    Pimrose park near Swiss Cottage

    7. Swiss Cottage

    For a quiet and leafier neighbourhood, Swiss cottage would be an ideal place to live in North London. Packed with several rental homes, the area has a suburban community vibe that makes it a suitable place for anyone who wants to avoid all the busstle of the city.

    The outstanding old Victorian home conversions are yet another thing this charming area has to offer. If you’re a morning run person, you get to enjoy the scenic running route thanks to the Primrose Hill and Regent’s park nearby.

    How is the transport in North London

    With the growing population, the North London road networks tend to be pretty congested. For this reason, public transport is the most convenient and faster option for getting around the area. There are twenty-seven stations in the region on the Victoria, Picadilly, Northern and Central lines.

    Some areas like Muswell Hill which have no train stations rely on busses as the main means of public transport to avoid congestion. The London underground is the fastest way to get around if you live in North London.

    Regent park canal

    Leisure in North London

    Whether it’s the vibrant nightlife or the lively social scene, North London is known for it all. You will get some of the best bars, cafes, and restaurants in the area. Some of the spots that would interest you include the following:

    • Camden market. Here, you’ll find more than 350 retailers, several stalls, shops, and markets selling various things. You’ll also get anything from vintage clothing to antiques, among other things.
    • Finsbury Park. For some culinary delight, this should be your ideal spot. You can also get the same from the Turkish shops and restaurants around Stoke Newington and Holloway road. It is also around Tottenham and Holloway that you’ll find the home to Arsenal Football Club, Emirates Stadium.
    • Regent’s canal. If you’re a creative or an art fanatic, then this is somewhere you’d enjoy spending your time. Aside from the many food options, there’s also the fashion, art, and music scene you can enjoy along Regent’s canal. The London Zoo and the Jewish museum are some of the other places you can visit.

    Converting your attic

    A loft conversion happens to be one of the most cost-effective home improvement solutions that you can opt for your North London property. With the right loft builders in north London, transforming your loft into your dream design will be easily achievable. Also, regardless of your property style, whether Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian, terraced, or semi-terraced, there’s always a suitable option for each.

    With a qualified and reliable builder, choosing the best design should be a no-brainer. From Velux, mansard, dormer, and hip to gable, you have plenty of options. With such a convenient solution, you won’t need to worry about moving out or losing the historical architectural value of your property.

    Crime rate in North London

    Although violent crime makes up 17.8% of the crime reported in the area, antisocial behaviour crimes have been the most prevalent in the past year(2019-2020). However, there has been a significant drop in the number of crimes associated with possession of weapons, burglary, and arson-related crimes.

    Areas like Haringey and Camden have experienced significant levels of crime rates over the years. Areas like Angel and Hampstead are considered to be the safest neighbourhoods in North London.

    Education in North London

    Whether it’s private or public schools, there are plenty of options to choose from in North London. There’s also a vast selection of higher education institutions like the Metropolitan University located in Islington. For any young families, there are several primary and secondary schools to opt for.

    From the above, we can see several nice areas in North London where you can choose to stay. You also get easy access to bus routes and various transport links to North London’s neighbouring districts.

    Other than that, there is a wide range of property types available in each area. Whether you’re looking to purchase a new property or a rental one, there are several options from Victorian, Georgian, Edwardian to modern flats.

    For the property owners in North London already, there’s always the option of sprucing up your home with either a conversion, extension, or even a complete home renovation. It would be an ideal solution, especially if you’re looking to preserve the historical, cultural value of your home.

    To achieve the desired results, you’ll need to work with the best builders in North London. Living in your dream home won’t be an unachievable dream at all. If you’re also looking to move into North London, we hope this simple guide will help you make an informed decision.