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Mice in My Loft Keeping Me Awake: What Can I Do?

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    Mice running around in your loft can quickly degrade the quality of your life. They can create a lot of noise, and they also bring about various hygiene issues with them that can make the place hazardous if left unattended long enough.

    One of the worst aspects of living with mice in your loft is that they can constantly keep you awake at night. Dealing with this problem should be your top priority once you’ve discovered it, because it will only get worse if you give the mice the opportunity to spread.

    Remove potential food sources

    Mice are attracted by food. In most cases, removing their food sources will solve the problem completely. Go through your loft and get rid of anything that mice could gnaw on.

    Keep in mind that this doesn’t only include items that you consider food. Mice can be attracted by various other materials, such as your loft insulation. Check to see if they have chewed holes through the insulation for burrowing. You might have to close those and use rat poison to keep them unoccupied until the mice have been removed completely. Also, do check your electrical wires inside your loft for damages and bite marks.

    Set up traps

    You should also set up traps to ensure the problem doesn’t come back. You might be able to get rid of mice once, but they will try to return as long as they know that the place is safe. Invest in some rat traps and spread them around your loft generously.

    Try to cover hidden, tucked-away spots that are difficult for you to reach. That’s typically where mice will go most of the time. It may be difficult to keep those traps in check, but you won’t have to do that too often once you’ve set them up anyway.

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