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Mice in the Attic: What Do They Eat?

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    Encountering mice in your attic is never a pleasant ordeal. If the situation has gotten to the point where you can see mice running around, things are probably even more serious behind the scenes. It’s likely that you already have a significant infestation that requires immediate attention.

    As with most pests, figuring out what attracted them in the first place is a good starting point. This requires some understanding of what mice in the attic like to eat.

    What do mice eat in the attic?

    mice eating leftover food

    If there are mice living in your attic, it’s very likely that they’ve already spread throughout your house. This means that they are not restricted to food they can find in the attic itself. They are probably using the attic as a safe spot away from the house’s residents.

    Still, here are some things to consider getting out of your attic:

    • Old food, especially cereals and other dry food
    • Seed bags
    • Insects

    Mice can also use your insulation for burrowing. This can become a major problem for several reasons. First, you may not be able to easily get rid of the mice without destroying a large part of your insulation.

    Second, it will be difficult to find the mice once they’ve dug in deeply enough. If you see any spots of gnawing or little holes in your insulation, this could signal a major problem.

    How to avoid a recurring problem

    mice inside a dirty kitchen

    Getting rid of your unwanted guests like mice and bats will resolve things for a while, but the problem will likely come back. Once mice have identified your house as a suitable spot, it will be hard to keep them out.

    Therefore, to remove mice from your loft or attic, do a thorough cleansing once you’ve dealt with the infestation. Remove absolutely anything that could attract them. You may have to redo your whole insulation as well. But this is a small price to pay for some peace of mind in the long term.

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