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flat roof dormer

Guide To Flat Roof dormer

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    With many homes in London having limited space, loft conversions are an ideal way of acquiring extra space and value addition to your property. Having a flat roof dormer loft conversion is one way to use your attic space that is sitting empty.

    A dormer is a side elevation of the sloping roof or surface or attic into usable space. They’re the most common type of loft conversion that people opt for. Mainly because they are affordable, and you’ll not need planning permission for your loft conversion.

    A flat roof dormer is where the new roof is flat as opposed to a pitched roof dormer. The flat roof extension ensures that you get more headroom because all the available space is well utilized. It is strategically built for water to flow over. Here are some flat roof dormer ideas that you can consider.

    Scaffold on a roof

    3 Flat roof dormer ideas

    1. Zinc

    Zinc roof dormers are known for their environmental compatibility and flexibility; they are recommended to connect dormers to the roof tiles. With the variety of colours they come in, you can easily customize the dormer to match the existing roof covering. You can choose smooth or textured designs to your liking.

    2. GRP(Glass Reinforced Plastic)

    GRP is easily becoming the most popular dormer. Unlike felt and rubber sheets, it has smooth, seamless joints because of the application process. GRP flat roofs come in an unlimited colour range and different textures as well. You can get your GRP roofing custom-made. GRP roofing can come insulated with encapsulated timber, which allows the builder to insulate it themselves, or insulated with foam.

    3. Traditional

    This types of dormers don’t require significant alterations from the original property style. It is easy to maintain the Victorian and Edwardian style whilst using the traditional dormers.

    Think about loft conversion with rear dormer, It Is a great option to consider.

    flat roof dormer loft conversion

    Flat roof dormer cost

    The cost of flat roof dormer is determined by several things such as:

    • The materials you use. Different materials with different price ranges will affect the total construction cost. For example, using GRP material for your flat roof dormer loft conversion will be more expensive than Felt and Rubber.
    • The size of your flat roof dormer loft conversion. Installing a dormer window is a whole lot cheaper than a loft conversion that consists of rooms.
    • Most important is your budget, you want to ensure that your loft conversion cost is within your budget. While planning, you need to consult with a professional loft conversion company to give you a quote on the flat roof dormer loft conversion.

    How many layers of felt on a flat dormer roof

    Felting is one of the best materials to use on your flat roof dormer loft conversion. It is especially favorable as installation can be done at any time. Hiring a loft conversion company is highly recommended because of the installation skills required.

    For felt dormer roofs, there is a 3-layering system required for its longevity. Multiple layering is essential in creating an impenetrable and watertight seal.

    Torch-on felt for flat roof dormer loft conversions guarantees up to 25 years as long as it is correctly installed.

    You also need to think about cladding a dormer with the right materials.

    How much to replace a flat dormer roof

    The cost to replace a dormer flat roof is not fixed and varies based on several factors. For example, will some of the materials need complete replacement? Or are you just adding either felt, rubber, or GRP on top?

    Depending on the location, the size, and the condition of your property, the construction of the flat roof loft might be higher or lower. To avoid overpricing or underpricing, it is important to get in touch with a professional loft conversion company that can give you an exact breakdown.

    Dormer windows

    Flat roof dormer window designs

    There are many window designs to choose from for flat roof dormer lofts. The windows you choose for your property conversion should blend seamlessly with your loft property aesthetic.

    Tilt and turn windows

    This window designs open from the inside and are better for bigger loft dormers. They are quite popular because of their security provision and weatherproofing. A tilt and turn window will cost you anywhere between £450 and £700.

    Sash Windows 

    These are common for the Edwardian and Victorian homes loft dormer conversions. If you need to conserve your property, they’re a good choice as they go with the original aesthetic.

    Casement windows

    The casement windows open from the outside and are best for lofts in areas where you wouldn’t need storm windows. They are loved for their versatility and beautiful clear views. They’re also well sealed for insulation, preventing warm air from getting out and cold air from getting in.

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    Flat roof dormer window cost

    The cost of a flat roof dormer window isn’t fixed. It can be anything from £5000 to £30,000. All this considers things like the labour costs, materials used, the building of stairs, replacing the gutters and guttering system, the number of loft dormers, and so much more.

    It is vital to get in touch with a loft conversion company to get an accurate estimate of the total cost of the flat roof dormer extension. With some of the important things you need to know about flat dormer loft conversions highlighted in this guide, we can only hope that your project goes smoothly.